Prayer Wall

Please note: Prayers will post on the wall after approval, typically within 24 hours.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 28, 2021 - 1:06 pm

Give thanks for the FDA approval of additional Covid Vaccines.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 28, 2021 - 1:05 pm

Please pray fir Nora Hester's mother Diane. She is getting better but continues to have health issues.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 28, 2021 - 12:59 pm

Paul Houze has ongoing health concerns. His treatment was changed to every 2 weeks due to issues with his platelets. Please continue to pray for him.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 28, 2021 - 12:58 pm

Please continue to pray for Betty Johnson, Bertyce's sister. She is not doing well even after surgery.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 28, 2021 - 12:57 pm

Jack Babnik's stress test went well. He has a Doctors appointment on Mar 2, a covid test on Mar 3, & a heart procedure on Mar 4. Please keep him in your prayers.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 25, 2021 - 3:15 pm

Please pray for John Moore, age 14, relative of Jane Henry, at St Jude, moved to apartment. Also pray for his mother who is managing his medications.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 25, 2021 - 3:13 pm

Please pray for all those in the shouth who are suffering due to the snow and ice.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 25, 2021 - 3:11 pm

Please pray for Roy Hogan as he prepares for cervical surgery on Mrch 12.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 10, 2021 - 1:02 pm

Please keep Shaw's brother & sister-in-law, Vicky, in your prayers. He has a heart valve flutter. Vicky's ankle skin graft has sluffed off. They are going to try another one.

Kathleen Bigelow, February 10, 2021 - 12:57 pm

Jane Henry's brother, Jerry king, is having issues with his sinuses. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Pray without ceasing! 1 Thessalonians 5:17